Michael Stauner Tabors Return Book Cover

Tabors Return

  • 258 pages
  • novel
  • dark fantasy
  • vampires
  • horror

The first vampire Tabor returns to his homeland after a lost battle and faces former allies who are now enemies.

Michael Stauner Tabors Return Book Cover

Michael Stauner

Tabors Return


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After the devastating battle for Askuria Tabor returns to his homeland. He crossed the vast desert, suffered from hunger, and faced death several times. And all this just so he can finally return to his vampire kingdom. But soon he realizes that a lot has changed since his absence, and not for the better.

The vampires trample on the laws of the first vampire, his laws. They expropriated his land and declared him death. While Tabor punishes his new enemies with true death, he still has nightmares. He begins to remember how he followed Merdor more than two decades ago.

The vampire-lord Kemar is feeding on a prisoner and gets interrupted...

The magic blood flowed down his throat. It made him feel stronger, bigger and focused. His pupils got smaller and his heartbeat got so intense, he could hear every single beat in his ears. Reluctantly, he stopped his bite and put the bloody arm of his victim away. Stoned from the holy liquid, he stood up and took a look at the magician. He was in chains and looked emaciated. His black and matted hair hung wet on the man’s shoulders. The hair covered many scars on his half-naked body. It looked like every injury was from an animal bite.
Suddenly, the eyes of the mage started to glow. It was just a little bit of a green shine and it focused on him. Kemar didn’t need to read thoughts to know the mage wished him again the true death.
“Master?” asked a rough voice behind him.
Kemar turned around and looked at one of his vampire guards. He had brown hair and an unnaturally white face and he wore black metal armor. A sword on his weapon belt made the entire image complete.
“What is it?” asked Kemar annoyed.
The warrior waited for a second before he continued speaking.
“There was another incident, master.”
Kemar took a final look at the mage and realized the glowing in his eyes had increased.
“Guard!” he yelled loudly.
In less than one heartbeat, another vampire in black clothes was standing in the tight cell.
“Let him bleed out again. He is getting his powers back,” ordered Kemar and left the prisoner.
While he was walking together with the first vampire warrior through the corridors, he asked him: “How much did they rescue this time?”
“The numbers are unclear, master. We need to wait until the sun goes down, then we will know more.”...
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Michael Stauner - Tabors Return: Falbyr in the dungeon (illustration of book scene)

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